Little Extras

brought to you by LCMC Health

At LCMC Health, we believe a little extra is all it takes to go from ordinary to extraordinary! An extra smile, an extra minute to talk, an extra cherry-on-top, an extra special talent – the little extras are what make life great, and we think that’s worth celebrating.

So, we gotta know—what’s your little something extra?

We all bring a little something special to the world, and we want to know yours! It could be a fun fact about you, a personal mantra you live by, or even something extraordinary you experienced at LCMC Health. The best part about little extras is that they’re one-of-a-kind, just like you!

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“Be A Blessing to Someone Today!!”

Girlie Dennis
RECEPTIONIST, West Jefferson Medical Center

“My little extra is always to always try to be Epically Extraordinary in all ways possible. Saying a Simple Hello goes along way and THANKING those who help make my DAY Bright.”

Jacqueline Flagg
Patient Account Representative, LCMC Health

“I always make sure to make eye contact in the hallways and greet others with a Hello and a smile. A simple hello goes a long way!”

Cherisse Heidingsfelder
Revenue Integrity Interim Director, LCMC Health

“Making sure everyone feels welcome within our walls -- patients, visitors, staff. It costs nothing to give a smile and say hello! Something that small can really brighten someone's day.”

Will Nunnery
Float Pool RN, Touro

“My little extra is having gratitude towards others, because it is the most beautiful way to express all that's in your heart with two words "Thank you".”

Tracy Harrell
LPN, University Medical Center New Orleans

“I love people and as I walk the halls of the hospital, it gives me joy saying hello to everyone. It brings smiles to everyone's face. Feels like family.”

Terry Harton
Unit Secretary, Touro

“My "little extra" is being a part of a great team! Individually we bring our special extras...big smiles and positivity. But collectively, we share the knowledge and are excited to be a part of creating great culture!”

Pim Boonchai
PAS Training Analyst, LCMC Health

“My little something extra is making staff laugh when they look like they are having a bad day. We all need to laugh. Don't stop believing!”

Karen Choppin
CBO Physician Billing Manager, LCMC Health

“Everyday when I wake up I always plan to have a great day, "you never know who you may impact that day with your smile and grace." I make sure I keep my patients and staff members laughing throughout the day.”

Timothea N. Richardson
Certified Medical Assitant, Touro